REIMAGE® Beauty ("REIMAGE") is a social-conscious beauty company founded to provide great cosmetics that accessorize the natural beauty that all females possess. As the creator of the OrgoSmart™ and Mineral Smart™ cosmetic lines which are healthy, all natural cosmetics formulated without ingredients such as parabens, talc, or gluten, REIMAGE designs smart cosmetics for those who embrace living "smart" inside and out. Whether it is our all natural lipsticks, foundation, mascara, or shadows, we have smart cosmetics designed with you in mind. Click here to learn about our Skin Greatness™.

The founder of REIMAGE, who holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.E. in Computer Engineering) and a Law degree (Doctor of Jurisprudence), formed REIMAGE® Beauty in response to her skin care journey and under the realization that false images of beauty have infected the self-image of women and girls. Having recognized that a positive self-image is a driver to achieving personal and professional goals, she set out on a mission to remove the negative self-images that many women and girls struggle with on a daily basis. 

REIMAGE absolutely loves to support smart women engaged in smart things. One of our core principles is to put Smart In Beautiful(SM), therefore a portion of each purchase goes toward the provision of financial support to organizations directed toward confidence development and healthy self-esteem. In addition, we support the interest of girls in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) based educational programs and the provision of scholarships to women pursuing the study of STEAM based fields to truly promote the beauty of being "smart" inside and outside. By reminding each female that they are beautiful and cosmetics are accessories to their beauty, REIMAGE puts the concept of cosmetics and beauty into perspective to aid in the development of the self-confidence that comes from understanding who they are and what they can become. Through support of their aspirations and inspiring others along the way, REIMAGE positively supports the growth of women who believe that they are beautiful and more than capable of attaining their personal and professional goals.

REIMAGE is excited about bringing great cosmetics and tools to you and welcome the opportunity to learn how we may partner with you. Thanks for your support - Hugs!

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