New Year’s Resolution: Makeup Edition

Just like in other areas of life, there are things that we know we should be doing with our makeup, that we do not necessarily do. We are not talking about different applications and styles, but rather makeup maintenance. This year, when you write down your New Year’s Resolutions, consider including a few of these makeup maintenance tips.

First things first, go through your products. Figure out what is good and what has gone bad. If your makeup or eyeliner have gone crusty, it is time to replace them. If your lipsticks smell like waxy crayons, they have expired. You can usually count on foundations and eyeshadows to last about a year, so if you can remember when you last replaced them, you may be good to go.

Once you figure out what products you still have left in your collection, take a look at your applicators and brushes. Now pull out some cleaner and scrub until your brushes lack any remnants of those expired products that you just threw out. And this is the hardest part, but resolve to wash your brushes every single time you use them. If you make it a daily habit, it won’t take as long and your brushes will last longer. Most importantly though, you will prevent bacteria from building up and can potentially help clear your skin of any lingering breakouts.

Finally, to reward yourself for all of the hard work you are putting into your makeup collection, resolve to do something fun with makeup every few weeks. Whether that means trying a new REIMAGE product, or playing with a new application technique, changing up your makeup can keep your inner artist stimulated.

Who said that resolutions have to be something that require hard work? Self care with makeup can be work, but it is also fun! At the end of the day, taking care of your makeup is taking care of yourself, your skin, and your health. So treat yourself this new year, by putting in the effort with your makeup collection. You deserve it.


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