REIMAGE Beauty: Contouring 101

As mentioned in Quick Fixes Part 1, we tend to make mistakes when applying makeup. It is no big deal - everyone does it! Because of that, we are sharing more tricks that allow you to fix the mistake without removing all the makeup.

When you mess up your lipstick:

It is just coloring in the lines of your lips, how hard can it be? As any five year old could tell you, the answer is very. All sorts of mistakes can happen, from having too much product on your applicator, to losing your balance, to just not being able to see precisely enough. It is, unfortunately, all too easy to color outside of our lined lips.

Fortunately, it is easy to fix such mistakes. Take the smallest corner of a makeup remover wipe and clean up the lipstick that did not make it onto your lips. Next, take a small concealer brush and fill that spot back in. Perform a simple blot and your lips will look like you have been coloring perfectly between the lines since you were in kindergarten.

When you mess up your blush:

With blush, we tend to be going for a healthy, summer glow. Sometimes, if we are not careful, that summer glow can turn into more of a summer sunburn look. While this can be a cute look at times, it’s not always the look we are going for. So what can we do when we have been a bit heavy-handed with blush?

Take a clean tissue, (or some toilet paper or paper towel), and with gentle, circular motions on your cheeks, pick up some of that excess product. The key to this technique is to be super gentle and light so as not to irritate your skin or remove any of the foundation you may have applied.

While mistakes happen, we can always aim to fix them. Although perfection is not always attainable, feeling good about our makeup skills can be achieved. Hopefully these tips will help your day-to-day makeup routine and give you the confidence to get creative with your makeup. After all, how risky can it be when you know how to fix it quickly?

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